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HD499 Seminar: Survival Skills for the 21st Century, a participatory project hosted in a classroom at the Art Institute of Boston, 2013



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The Art Institute of Boston MFA Graduate Exhibition catalog, June 2013:


Dialogues generate ideas that the participants were not aware of previously. Such a statement is as obvious as it is fundamental for any cultural, political, or artistic actor.

Aaron Lish’s work focuses on the dimension of the “conversation” as the privileged field for “making art”, but he also tries to give an answer to the recurring question about relational practices: how can an artist trans-late (literally: bring through) an experience created in a social, or even rural setting into the art institution, such as a museum or an art-school?


Aaron chooses the challenging way of non-representing; rather, he tries to create situations in different contexts that have common characteristics: first, and foremost, the open-minded position of looking for free generation of ideas and not for solutions to pre-determined issues.

-by Rome-based artist Cesare Pietroiusti, Italian representative to the Venice Biennale three times and participant in Documenta(13) in Kassel, Germany.


"Conversation as Art?",  Cascade A&E, June 2013, p.5 

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